Tale of Dragon


Role: Programmer

An VR dragon rider experience build with Oculus Quest Pro and an VR motion chair. The first part is a roller coaster experience that flying fast through the valley. In the second part, players can control the dragon flying freely and shooting fire breathe to destroy the attacking ships. In our game the motion chair would rotate in three axis to match the exactly same rotation of the dragon. Which means the chair would rotate as much as the dragon. This will increase the immersive feeling and also reduce the motion sick with VR headset.

Playthrough Video

Input Detection

At first we decide to use the point direction of the controller to control the dragon’s flying direction. After several rounds of iteration and playtest we found the rotation is to sensitive for the control. The motion chair will also react to the input which makes it really hard to keep the direction of the controller. This leads to a shaking effect especially when trying to fly up/down.

We then decide to use the position of the controller as the input. Now we detect the relative position of the controller and the headset. This leads to a better and smother experience.