Work Experience

Universal Creative
ATI Technical Internship

  • 2023.09 – 2023.12 Orlando, U.S.
  • Technical internship in R&D team of Advanced Technology Interactives department.

Interactive Programmer Internship

  • 2023.06 – 2023.08 Tokyo, Japan
  • Implement interactive logics of the artworks
  • Write shaders to generate the visuals of the artworks
  • Refine logics to support data communication between stations in large exibitions
  • Participate in the pre-check process of a teamLab exibition

Gameplay Programmer

  • 2020.07 – 2022.07 Chengdu, China
  • Implement gameplay and UI features in C++
  • Work in Skull&Bones and Assassins’ Creed Red.
  • Collaborate with studios located in different time zones
  • Fully support Skull&Bones from pre-Alpha to Beta.

Android Development Internship

  • 2018.06 – 2018.09 Shanghai, China
  • Develop android app for teambition
  • Implement advanced search function
  • Implement Gantt graph module with OpenGL ES

Student Projects

Dynamic Luminescence

  • A stage visual effects projection system that detects dancers’ movements and projects visuals exactly onto their bodies
  • Cooperated with Pittsburgh artist Mikael Owunna and created a complete blackbox live performance with 4 acts including 4 different sets of visual effects

Tale of Dragon

  • A VR dragon riding experience includes two parts: rollercoaster part and player controllable battle part.
  • Enhanced with a VR motion chair
  • Served over 50 guests during a festival in CMU

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In the Shadow

  • An AR experience that utilizes the passthrough feature of the Oculus headset.
  • Player holds a virtual flashlight that can light up both the real world and the virtual world.
  • Player solves puzzles by projecting virtual objects’ shadows onto real world surfaces.

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  • Single player platform puzzle game with a core gameplay of changing the camera view between 3D and 2D.
  • Start menu embedded into openning animations.

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Rendering Translucent Object using OptiX

  • Real-time ray-tracing render framework specific for translucent objects.
  • Implement based on OptiX for parallel computing with GPU.

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Fire Rendering Methods in Games

  • A research project of currently exsisting fire rendering methods in games.
  • Implement methods inside Unity.
  • Explore the potiential of volumetric rendering fire.

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Contact Me


Phone: 412-378-8424


  • A master student at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University
  • Love traveling and dream pop.